Camphorized Massage Oil ml 500

Camphorized Massage Oil ml 500

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ml 500

  • Camphor is an excellent rubefacent and skin revulsive. Camphor oil can be used for local friction in case of muscle pain and in pre-competitive massage.

  • The traditional use of camphor in the pharmaceutical field for its systemic actions (as an analeptic, balsamic, antiseptic and sedative) has decreased, leaving advantageous room for use in lotions and skin oils. Such a use derives from camphor benefits far more proven: camphor is in fact an excellent rubefacent and revulsive skin. Camphor oil, therefore, is advantageous in local friction, in case of muscle pain, and in pre-competitive massage. It also has clear beneficial properties at the level of the skin, such as lightening, toning, purifying. These skin benefits find synergy in the dermoaffin vegetable oil which, in addition to acting as a carrier, completes the stimulating and trophic action of the skin due to its high content of linoleic fatty acids (known as vitamin F). Composition: 10% pure camphor in vegetable oils (pressed and not extracted with solvents).




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