BODY SERUMS - 12 ampoules

BODY SERUMS - 12 ampoules

  • Body serums designed for every need.


    The Cellulite Serum, thanks to the plant extracts of Thea Siniensis and Horse Chestnut, has a draining action, basic in the treatment of cellulite. The essences of Cypress, Mint, Eucalyptus, Nyaouly perform a soothing and refreshing action. The plant extract of Ivy and Birch resolve the nodules, while Ginko Biloba firms the "orange peel" tissues.


    A real shock treatment in convenient disposable vials with Collagen and Elastin for skin restructuring; the vegetable extract of Ginseng is invigorating and energizing; Cola is invigorating; Centella and Echinacea extract have a healing, anti-stretch mark and anti-relaxant action on the skin; Ginko Biloba is antioxidant, firming and elasticizing.


    A complete and gently revulsive reducing treatment due to the effect of Vitamin PP derivatives. With jodata seaweed and sea oak with lipomobilizing action; Green Tea, capable of promoting the disposal of excess fluids and Cola Vera which reactivates the ability to mobilize fats.


    The delicate glandular structures of the area require extreme caution in intervention: therefore mechanical stress (massage) or uncontrolled cosmetic-pharmacological actions are to be avoided. The firming effectiveness, however, is ensured by an intense moisturizing action carried out by NMF and Panthenol, aimed at restoring even deep turgidity, and by an intensive elasticizing action given by the lysates of Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic Acid. Jointly Panax Ginseng and Humulus Lupulus ensure a toning and revitalizing action and the Echinacea and Centella asiatica complex reelasticise the tissues, promoting re-epithelialization (skin cell reconstruction).

    The pack contains 12 single-dose vials, which are applied without rinsing.

  • Apply the serum on the affected areas and massage, alternately or in synergistic association with the creams.